3 Jars of Laxmi's Delights Flaxseed Spreads

The Beginning of Laxmi’s DelightsTM

Laxmi Hiremath
Laxmi Hiremath

I was looking for ways to create something nutritious and scrumptious for my children’s school lunches. I developed the idea of combining flaxseed with other appetizing ingredients to make mouthwatering flaxseed spreads. I used it as a spread for Indian whole-wheat flatbreads (chapatis) and toast. When I packed chapatis smeared with Flaxseed Spreads their friends often traded their turkey sandwiches. It’s a favorite with all their PBJ sandwich-loving friends. So I made it a point to have some extra chapatis in the lunchbox. When they visit our house the youngsters are quite content to use the flaxseed spreads on bread toast, waffles, biscuits and even cup cakes!

When I found guests both adults and children at my home were gobbling the Flaxseed Spreads with crackers, breadsticks, spreading over artisan cheeses, or eating right off the spoon, I decided to create a line of Organic Flaxseed Spreads in 3 intriguing and exotic flavors.

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