"Dance of Spices"
The most comprehensive and ambitious book of its kind in years.”— Boston Globe
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The Accidental Purist !!
Made with Love in California!!
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Sweet Spiced Roasted Nuts!
Crunchy and Addictive!!
America's only Flaxseed Spreads!
Versatile and delicious on toast, sandwiches and oatmeal!

Our Mission :

We believe in living a healthy balanced life-style and at Laxmi’s Delights our mission is simple—We Value Wellness®!

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Organic Flaxseed Spreads in Single Serve Pouches

Packed with Plant-Based Omega 3S

Meet Laxmi - The Accidental Purist

Author. Chef. Entrepreneur. Laxmi has committed herself to bring homestyle scrumptious dishes to your kitchen! She lends innovative products a little of her magic touch!
She developed the concept of combining flaxseeds with other appetizing ingredients to make mouthwatering one-of-a-kind Flaxseed Spreads for her children’s school lunches. They turned out to be a favorite with her children as well as their PBJ sandwich loving friends. In fact, their friends would eagerly trade their turkey sandwiches for her flaxseed-smeared sandwiches! Moms often called to package for everyone. A unique line of organic, healthy, delicious Flaxseed Spreads was born!
Packed with Plant-based Omega 3s the Spreads are wholesome, nutritious, and just yummy!


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