Laxmi’s Delights—America’s Only Flaxseed Spreads!

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The Accidental Purist—Creative cook, author, entrepreneur, Laxmi Hiremath lends innovative products a little of her magic touch!

She developed the concept of combining flaxseed with other appetizing ingredients to make mouthwatering one-of-a-kind Flaxseed Spreads for her children’s school lunches. They turned out to be a favorite with her children as well as their PBJ sandwich loving friends. In fact, their friends would eagerly trade their turkey sandwiches for her flaxseed-smeared sandwiches! Moms often called to package for everyone. A unique line of gluten free, organic, healthy, exquisitely delicious Flaxseed Spreads was born!

Laxmi’s Delights® manufactures diverse all natural, award winning, handcrafted gourmet food product lines of shelf stable Flaxseed Spreads, packaged Sweet Spiced Roasted Nuts, and refrigerated Specialty Curries, extraordinarily popular with consumers. In addition, people with nut allergies can find the Flaxseed Spreads easily accessible!

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