Pineapple Curry SaucePineapple Curry Sauce

Pineapple Curry Sauce®—Available at select Costco locations

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Available at select Costco locations in the Refrigerated Deli section.

Laxmi’s signature Pineapple Curry began as a nutritious, delicious alternative to a vegetarian side dish. It was so popular with family and friends she decided that the rest of the world deserved a chance to share the delightful sauce! The curry is handcrafted using high quality tropical pineapple and delicate seasonings that are gently cooked to perfection. Easy to use Cooking Instructions provided.



  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • All Natural
  • Vegan
  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • Healthy and Delicious
  • Serves 4, Just Heat and Serve
  • Serve over chicken, fish, crab, or spoon over noodles, quinoa or couscous
  • Product Made in USA

Size 32 ounce Refrigerated Entrée. Available at select Costco locations in the Refrigerated Deli section.

More Recipe ideas using Pineapple Curry® Sauce

Crab-Pineapple Curry®

Spoon the Sauce generously over two pound whole cooked Dungeness crab or lobster tails for an elegant dinner.

Couscous Pilaf Topped with Pineapple Curry®

Cook 1 pound couscous or quinoa according to package directions and top with piping hot Curry Sauce.

Baby Greens with Pineapple Curry®

Make a salad with organic baby greens, heirloom tomatoes, pecans and top with healthy refreshing Curry Sauce.

Mushrooms Braised in Pineapple Curry®

Sauté 3 pounds button mushrooms or your favorite variety in 3 tablespoons oil; add Curry Sauce and cook until hot. Replace mushrooms with tofu or vegetables of your choice to create other vegetarian dishes.

Serve with naan, chapati, pita bread, sour dough bread or over steaming rice.


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Pineapple Curry Sauce®

—Available at select Costco locations

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